Fireflies (EP)

by Black Lolas

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See "You gotta learn how to love yourself" live:


released February 29, 2012

Studio Van Biesen



all rights reserved


Black Lolas Belgium

With no-nonsense songs and introspective texts we make a home-made mix of our influences: New York Dolls, T. Rex, Stooges etc because we feel the urge to do silly things and go crazy again... like real life itself... kissing lips like exotic fruits... The Black Lolas are your local working-class heroes... always aware of being nowhere... so hands up and dance 'till the sun goes out of your eyes. ... more

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Track Name: Worried man blues
I was drifting on a tune
of a worried man blues
From the cradle to the grave
saw the dust beneath the waves

Had no future to depend
only memories to spend
In a weary drunken haze
I kept looking for your face

Someday I will return
When you see my bridges burn
I'll be the lonely summer, crawling up your heart

When your love has been juiced
in a worried man blues
There's no need to unwind
all the ruins left behind

In a world so unreal
there is little to reveal
From the pages of redeem
nothing is quiet as it seems
Track Name: So alone
I hung around with nothing to do
Like a useless thought, just cutting through
Until I was smashed on a virgin isle
Like a go-go rider on the strangest mile

So alone, so alone

I'm singing love songs in my head
For the down and beaten and the unknown dead
Every silence is the hardest sound
If you're looking for something that can't be found

I hung around with nothing to do
like a useless thought, just cutting through
I can do anything I want
I just got to find a way how to turn it off
Track Name: Fireflies
I saw the load in your cemetery eyes
from the basement where you used to hide
Come out... baby, baby come out

I'm picking up every face you left
and lost my blues on the way to your shaking hips
Come on... baby, baby come on

Life goes by like fireflies
burning softly through the night

No dog bites harder than a wasted time
Can't remember if it was yours or mine?
It is gone... baby, baby it's gone

One day you live, one day you're dead
it's just another pull from the same cigarette
Move along... and keep on going on

I'm gonna leave everything I've been
I'm gonna pour my soul in a brand new skin
See the chains... change, change chains
Track Name: Travel
Will you travel with me?
Will you carry my bunny home?

Saw you dance at the crossroads
Never met a women so alone

We where walking in the park
Silhouettes made of stars
Spoke of times long ago
Was it real? I just don’t know

That’s how the feeling grows
No-one needs to know
That’s how the feeling grows

Staring through the ceiling
With my pockets full of stone

Took a trip through your garbage
Saw a face I could call my own

We where standing by a sea
That's how we disappear
Spoke of times long ago
Was it real? I just don’t know

Saw you dance at the crossroads
Never saw a women so far gone

We where talking in the dark
Words made out of scars
Spoke of times long ago
Was it real? I just don’t know
Track Name: Find me
I' m sleeping with a tight rope
while I'm singing my song of love
I turn myself to an empty road
left alone with what is lost

Can you find me?
Before you go
Can you find me?
Please let me know

My streets are abandoned sails
they always make you walk
into the tiny razorblades
where the bloodshed never stops

Way beyond your opium lives
where tomorrow never comes
I'm gazing at the same old ties
when the summer dies along
Track Name: Lonely city
Well, you know what is gone and it's hard to fake it
And your mind is a cage of a certain weakness
And your days are worn with no direction
And your looking for love and a little distraction

Give me some of that rock 'n roll
Every home is a newborn soul
Like a reason to belong
Lonely city, lonely city

All the dudes hang around with a face of longing
And you never wondered why... which way you where going
Life goes so slow when your out of sight
So you talk and drink and dance all night

Once I had a place, don't know where it's gone to
Like the words and music written upon you
And your life goes on if you still can face it
And you want to get rid of that physical wasting